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Word study: Fall

The word FALL can be used in different situations to mean different things. Here are some of the definitions and examples when the verb is used in different situations.

a) a sudden drop from an upright position: He had a nasty fall on the ice

b) a lapse into sin; a loss of innocence: They experienced a fall from virtue.

c) a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity: When the corruption scheme became known, the price of the company’s stock went into free fall.

d) (noun) the season when the leaves fall from the trees: They met in the fall of 1973.

e) pass suddenly and passively into a state of body or mind: She fell ill.

f) decrease in size, extent or range: His voice fell into a whisper.

g) occur at a specified time or place: Christmas falls on a Monday this year.

h) lose office or power: The Qing Dynasty fell after Sun Yat-sen’s revolution.

Idiomatic English

Learn these idioms with the word FALL:

Idiom Meaning
fall apart at the seams to be torn at the seams
fall asleep to go to sleep
fall back on (someone or something) to seek help when other things have failed
fall behind fail to keep up with work/studies/payments etc.
fall by the wayside to give up or fail before the end of something
fall flat (on one’s face) to be unsuccessful, to fail
fall for (someone or something) to begin to like or love someone or something
fall from grace to lose approval
fall into a trap to become caught in someone’s scheme
fall off the wagon to return to use alcohol or drugs after stopping for a while
fall on deaf ears to ignore something that is intended for you
fall on hard times to meet many troubles
fall through to fail, to not happen


How would you caption the photo above using the word fall, fell or fallen? Leave your caption in the comments below and we’ll correct your grammar.