Word study: Bring

The verb BRING can be used in different contexts to mean different things. Check the various meanings of the verb accompanied by examples:

a) to take someone or something from one place and have them with you when you arrive somewhere else: Bring a coat in case it turns cold. Don’t forget to bring a friend to our graduation party.

b) to have something with you so that you can give it to someone when you arrive: I brought a gift for you.

c) to move something somewhere, bring something down: She reached up to the shelf and brought down a box.

d) to move something up: Bring your hands slowly up to shoulder height.

e) to be the cause of a state, situation or feeling: The agreement forms part of our efforts to bring peace to the region.

f) bring someone something: The baby has brought them great joy.

g) bring someone/something into contact with: My work brings me into contact with all kinds of people.

h) to suspect somebody as guilty: The authorities are expected to bring charges against both parties.

Phrasal verbs

Here are some phrasal verbs with the word BRING:

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
bring up To raise (a child). Sara is bringing up her children by herself.
bring somebody down make unhappy. This sad music is bringing me down.
bring up (something) start talking about a subject My mother walks out of the room when my father brings up sports.
bring something up to vomit He drank so much that he brought his dinner up in the toilet.


Idiomatic English

Learn these idioms with the word BRING

Idiom Meaning
bring a smile to your face/lips to make you smile
bring tears to your eyes to make you cry, or to feel as if you are going to cry
bring something to an end/a close/a halt to make something stop. He brought the conversation to a close.
can’t bring yourself (to do something) to be unable to do something too unpleasant or embarrassing, or makes you too upset. He can’t even bring himself to talk to me.

Now try making your own sentence with the word BRING. Leave a sentence in the comments and we’ll correct your grammar.

Image credit: Evan Kirby (unsplash.com)