Learn English at NSEA

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Courses to fit your needs

We cater to a variety of levels and needs. We do pre-testing to ensure you follow the course to best fit your language level.

Full English Immersion

Courses and activities are all in English to give you maximum exposure to the language.

Native speakers

Courses are taught by Canadian teachers. In Canada, immersion language learning has been successfully implemented since the 60s.

Why you should learn English at North Sea English Academy

  • Small class sizes

    maximum 12 students

  • Academic-level tutoring

    by experienced head teacher Dr. Bejko

  • Teachers from Canada

    where full-immersion language learning has been successfully implemented since the 60s

  • Pre-testing

    to guarantee you’ll follow the course that fits.

  • All teachers are native speakers

Teach English at NSEA

Our training program combines a rigorous training week with 6 weeks of practical experience and daily input sessions. Training starts on July 3. This program is open to Canadian Bachelor of Education students.

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